The Green Galley – Foraging



  • Identify all the possible the farmers’ markets along your route – and their schedules. A visit to one or two will net an enjoyable morning replenishing the galley stores with locally-grown and often organic produce (plus cheese, meat and fish) while affording a look into the local community.
  • Look, particularly, for local farmers’ markets that have expanded to include arts and crafts, entertainment and prepared food stands or trucks featuring local specialties – perfect for a quick lunch or a “to go” meal back on the boat.
  • Search out local farm stands that tend to be  open all week – Google “Farm Stands” or look at the ACC Marina Reports for the area that include Produce Markets as well as Farmers’ Markets.
  • Google “Food Trucks” in the harbor you are headed to – most of them have websites.  Sometimes they are a source of  very high-end food at quick and easy prices.  Local chefs often use Food Trucks to try out culinary concepts or test out new offerings planned for their brick & mortar eateries. Other Food Trucks are first steps for new businesses that tend toward authentic and ethnic. They are all, invariably, interesting and relatively inexpensive.
  • Ask about local fishermen who sell off the boat (ACC often includes this info in Marina Reports) or local fishmongers who buy right off the boat


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