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Safety and Weather

Thanks to Richard, the boat was well-supplied with safety gear. We had an up-to-date Life Raft, a new Epirb, a life ring with attached light that only illuminates when floating upright, a Life Sling salvaged from our last boat, and some interesting new technologies: Tucked into our auto-inflatable vests were water-activated strobe lights as well as personal locater beacons that transmit on AIS frequencies – so we can see the signal on our AIS transceivers on the multifunction display at the helm and on the personal computer at the Nav station.  Once activated, the Epirb would transmit to a bunch of satellites and from there to SAR (Search and Rescue) where we had filed a float plan and multiple contacts. While the new personal locators would transmit locally so the boat could find the “man overboard.”  Of course the Chart Plotter at the helm also had an MOB button to be pushed at the moment of the event so it logged the location. We were totally belt and suspenders and then we also ran jack lines from one side of the cockpit to the other around the mast and kept a tether attached to it ready at the helm station.

We had a deal. We wouldn’t make passages without our vests on and we wouldn’t leave the cockpit unless we were hanked on to the jack line. That way, we had the best chance that if something happened, that person (likely Richard) would still be attached to the boat. We always followed that procedure. We are also planning for more safety installations on the boat during her layup in Grenada – including an electric winch that would raise and lower the main from the cockpit. But truth be told, we never saw another cruiser as duded up as we were. No inflatable life vests, no jack lines, no tethers … but we still stuck to our deal.