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Abaco Day 6 – Hope Town Lay Day – Things To Do

Hope Town offers a plethora of things to do in gracious, pretty surroundings: Go deep sea fishing or flats fishing. Sign up for a dive or snorkel boat trip. Camp for the day on the talcum-powder beach. Swim in one of the pools. Snorkel the Hope Town reef right from the beach. Surf in White Sound (3 miles south, the Atlantic offers 6 of the best breaks in the Bahamas). Shop – start at Iggy Biggy our favorite. Wander. Relax. Read .…

Snorkel & Dive Shops:

Froggies Out Island Adventures, Hope Town 242-366-0431

Dive Abaco Marsh Harbour 242-367-2787

Abaco Dive Adventures Marsh Harbour 242-367-2963

Sport fish offshore for marlin, sailfish, dolphin (also known as mahi-mahi) Wahoo, tuna and more. Reef and bottom fish for grouper, snapper, and yellow tail. Or test your patience with bone fishing on the flats. See the fishing regs at the end of this guide. The Bahamas takes its protection and conservation laws very seriously – and ignorance is no excuse.

Fishing Guides:

Maitland Lowe “Bonefish Dundee” Bone Fishing/Reef Fishing/Bottom Fishing 242-366-0033, 366-0234

Robert Lowe “Seagull” Deep-Sea Fishing 242-366-0266

Ira Key “A Salt Weapon” Deep-Sea Fishing 242-366-0245

Truman Major “Lucky Strike” Deep-Sea Fishing/Reef Fishing 242-366-0101

Will Key “Day’s Catch” Reef Fishing/Snorkeling/Sightseeing 242-366-0059

Michael Schreiner “Down Deep” Deep-Sea Fishing 242-366-3143

Jay Sawyer “The Marls of Abaco Inn” Deep-Sea Fishing/Bone Fishing 242-367-3941

Golf Cart & Bike Rentals :

Hope Town Cart Rentals 242-366-0064

Island Cart Rentals 242-366-0448

T&N Cart Rentals 242-366-0069

JR Cart Rentals 242-242-366-0361

The Bike Shop 242-366-0292

Sundried T’s 242-366-0616 (bikes and surf board rentals)