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Abaco Day 4 – Little Harbour to Tilloo Cay

Tour The Foundry At Pete’s

For three generations the Johnston family has been casting bronze sculptures using an ancient lost-wax process. Ask about a tour of the foundry operation – they are offered erratically (mid morning around 10 seems a good time). We were lucky to be with a group that had pre-arranged a tour. The foundry operates Monday through Friday.

An artists-in-residence program invites sculptors to visit and cast their own pieces using the “lost wax” process – a fairly rare opportunity today. We watched two artists, besides Pete, hammering away on their recently cast scuptures – while French ex-Pat artist Richard Appaldo explained the process. Richard, who has been at the atelier for 25 years, was Randolph Johnston’s last apprentice and manages most of the production. He also proved to be an erudite, charming and enthusiastic guide.

If you want to learn more about the family and the lost-wax process, Artist on His Island tells the remarkable story.

The Johnston Family Gallery is also open – and, of course, the mile and a half stretch of beach is always waiting.

Then Set Sail For Tilloo Cay

Tilloo Cay is a very narrow three-mile-long private island that lies between the Sea of Abaco and the Atlantic Ocean. Acquired through a private donation, the Tilloo Cay National Reserve is one of five Abaco National Parks managed by Bahamas National Trust. It features 11 acres of unspoiled natural environment that is a nesting area for tropical and other birds. Wedged between Tilloo Bank to the south and and Tilloo Pond to the north is a large anchorage. If the weather is settled, this is a good place drop anchor in the protected lee of the island (if it isn’t, consider heading up to the top of the Island under the “castle.” There’s no beach but the snorkling is interesting and the protection a bit better). Swim or snorkel at Tilloo Cay’s quiet side – this area is well known for its large sand dollars and star fish.

Dig out the books, the CDs, the Black Berries or just take a nap on the bow…..