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Abaco Day 3 – Lunch Hook – Lubbers Quarters to Sandy Cay

Spend the morning at Cracker P’s ocean beach or dinghy over to quiet Tahiti Beach or get an early start to Sandy Cay or head right down to Little Harbour.

If snorkeling is the day’s goal, drop a lunch hook off Sandy Cay Reef which is the heart of 2100 acre Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park. A marine fishery reserve, it is protected and managed by the Bahamas National Trust, the park rules forbid the taking of any sea or plant life as well as littering or dumping (closed heads, of course) – and word is they really enforce this.

The boundaries of the park are from Pelican Point on Great Abaco to the north end of Lynyard Cay, then north outside all of the Pelican Cays, except North Pelican Cay which is not included, then to the southeast end of Channel Cay, then encircling Gorling Cay, and returning east of Cornish Cay to Pelican Point.

Located between Cornish Cay and the Pelican Cays, at high tide, Sandy Cay looks like two islands when water covers the long narrow beach. The snorkeling goal is Sandy Cay Reef which runs along the east side of the Cay and has been called one of the most beautiful in North America. Anchor on the west side of the island, and then either dink around to one of the six small-boat moorings that lie right along the edge of the east side of the reef or land the dink on the island, and walk across to the reef side. Look for the path that runs between the dunes and the coral. And then swim out to the reef. Despite the fact that the latest cruise guides claim that there are ten dinghy moorings plus five big -boat moorings that are further out (and require a long swim or a dink ride) – we could not find any but the original six.

Reportedly, the best snorkeling is off the little rock island about half way on the eastern side of Sandy Cay. Expect to see Elk Horn coral, spotter rays, giant sea turtles and grouper. There are underwater caves and the island, itself, is a nesting area for many species of birds

NOTE: Cruising guides note that the holding ground in not terribly good, so, if the weather is anything other then very settled and you’ve anchored, consider leaving someone on the boat, which we did, and trade off snorkeling. And forgo the experience completely if there are breaking waves or large ocean swells.