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Abacos – Man-O-War to Marsh Harbour – And Other Options

There are other choices for the last night of the cruise instead of Man-O-War – and we have tried most of them:

Matt Lowe’s Cay – If an early morning schedules dictates being really close to Conch Inn Marina. Matt Lowe’s Cay is a snug anchorage an hour from the base. And a good place to settle in for a banquet of “what’s left in the fridge”. Once an uninhabited island, it is now home to a new very high-end development; a canal system has been dredged to provide access to the 17 home sites. Still, for the time being, it’s a pretty spot just a short sail to Marsh Harbour.

Or Back to Cracker P’s – especially if it just happens to be a Full Moon. They have an infamous Full Moon Party

Or head to the base – The last option, of course, is just to head back to Conch Inn Marina and spend the last night dockside – where there’s a bathhouse, pool, restaurant, Wi-Fi and, even, a conch salad stand.

Whatever your choice, it’s 1-2 hour easy sail back to the base on Tuesday morning.