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Abaco Day 1 – Arriving at Marsh Harbour

Tiny Marsh Harbor Airport still retains a bit of a third world feel – there are two “gates” and a couple of benches outside that serve as the waiting room. Don’t be surprised to see a few roosters or a goat wander by. The third largest city in the Bahamas, Marsh Harbour’s protected, deepwater has made it the main supply depot for the out islands and also the base for most of the Abaco ferries and charter companies.

Arrange airport-to-charter base transport with one of the energetic and motherly owner-operators of the taxi vans. You might also consider working out an itinerary between the airport and the charter base that would allow for all of your supply stops – BaTelCo cell phone shop, grocery store, beer and wine shop—and then have him/her return to deliver you with all of our packages to your boat at Conch Inn Marina – or to the ferry base for those headed to Hope Town.

Conch Inn is a full-service 80-slip marina, in the midst of a string of facilities along what has been called the Abaco’s “Gold Coast” and boasts a restaurant, small pool, heads, showers, laundry and a nine-room motel. For those who are pre-boarding or staying ashore, Curly Tails onsite eatery serves three meals a day (dinner $22-50) and has Wi-Fi.


Mangoes Restaurant, Front Street (242/367-2957) The most popular, and some say the best, restaurant on the island. It features Bahamian specialities along with some international dishes. Best bets are always catch of the day. Lunch $13-17, Dinner $14-33.

Wally’s, East Bay Street (242/367-2074) But others say the best eatery is Wallys (certainly the most expensive), run by a pair of sisters who brush up on their skills every Fall in Paris. Not waterfront, it is near the marina in a pink villa. Lunch time is jammed. At Dinner the cracked conch shines. Lunch $9-15 Dinner $27-34

Snappas Bar & Grill (242/367-2278) Lunch and dinner just down the road from Conch Inn Marina.

Snack Shack (242/367-4005) east of Dive Abaco and just serves breakfast and lunch

Angler’s at the Abaco Beach Resort (242/367-2158). Right on the water, the wide-open interior features, not surprisingly, a nautical theme. Their well-prepared, locally seasoned seafood is the best choice. Lunch & Dinner $6-29