About Me

My name is Beth Adams-Smith and this is a blog of my maritime wanderings. No matter where I am in the world or how many times I have had the exact same experience, there is still that small swell of excitement when I step on a boat or walk a dock. Whether it’s sailing our boat to Grenada or bare-boating through the Society Islands or dragging anchor at 1 am in Deshaies or cruising on an expedition ship to Cape Horn or sailing the islands of Penobscot Bay or standing watch on a passage from Bermuda or helming as we pick up a mooring in the shadow of The Pitons or strolling the maritime museums in Portsmouth, St. Michael’s, Liverpool, Mystic or crewing on a C­­­lipper Ship as it races along the Antigua Classic or zipping across Long Island Sound for lunch at Louis – if I am on the water, I am a happy camper.

On many of those adventures, we were accompanied by our two wonderful, now adult, children – and in more recent years – by their equally wonderful spouses, their amazing, gorgeous, perfect children and a group of very special salty friends.  Water is a constant draw – so even when we are not on a vessel, no matter where we are, we always end up on or near the water. Sometimes we are in the lap of luxury and other times on the edge of serious adventure, but mostly we are just a smidge outside our comfort zone, and, with eyes wide open, always learning.

As first mate to my husband, Richard, I have cruised the U.S. East Coast for a few decades – Maine to Long Island Sound to the Chesapeake to Florida to Bermuda – and have managed, in the most recent decade, on small expedition ships, charter yachts and on our own vessels, to get to know dozens of cruising grounds around the world: the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean to Grenada on our own boats and through the Med (Turkey, Corsica, Croatia, Greece’s Dodecanese, Cyclades, Ionian, Sporades), Sea of Cortez, the Society Islands, Belize, the Seychelles, Tonga, Fiji, Whitsunday Islands, and Chile south to Cape Horn on charter yachts and a couple of small ships. Once we concluded that a “round-the-world” odyssey was no longer in our game plan, we figured out how to cruise the arias and skip the opera.

After sailing two consecutive Sabre mono-hulls, we now cruise a Leopard 40 cat – all named “Jerawyn.” We loved each Sabre for its unique personality, gorgeous joinery and seaworthiness – but after cruising extensively on our catamaran we can never go back :).  Light, airy, flat sailing – with the galley feet fr0m the cockpit table – is simply glorious. Add four cabins (one a dedicated store room), two heads and loads of privacy. Our particular cat is very narrow (20.1 ft.) with a 62 ft. air draft that makes it very “ICW-able” – not that there aren’t a few held breaths when we pass under another bridge. When not on watch, I cook, read, write, shoot or just laze. We have had a spectacular journey – that is still in the making – and what we have learned, seen, experienced, cooked and eaten makes up the content of this blog.

More of Background

One of my professional pursuits is as the primary writer/photographer and editor of the Atlantic Cruising Club’s Guides to Marinas that cover, in seven volumes, Halifax, NS to Pensacola, FL on the North American East Coast and Campbell River to the Oregon/CA border on the NA West Coast. These are boater-biased editorial works (books with bound-in searchable DVDs) that visit, review and rate the facilities and “what’s nearby.”  Thousands of photos tell the real story. All of this data resides on the mobile-friendly website as well. AtlanticCruisingClub.com

As president of ACC, I oversee a team of contributors, admins, developers, cartographers, editors, proofers, designers, photo processors, transcribers, fact-checkers, etc. Since its acquisition, ACC has been a digital company. We developed a proprietary application (Datastract) that manages a large SQL database. It consists of a front end for data acquisition (soon with a marina portal) and a back-end that manages the content, membership, an articles DB and, most important, outputs a final “publishable page” that is the heart of the books, website, DVD, and apps, along with a portal for partners who license content. The marina photo library consists of roughly 25,000 images that are also licensable. So, even though we have boater-writer contributors, we still have to see for ourselves – so through the years, we have visited over 2500 marinas.

We are also sensitive to the environmental impact of boating, and highlight green marinas and pump-out stations in our Guides and write about the various aspects of the “HealthyBoat” – a subset of this blog.

As a writer, I have regularly developed content for several boating magazines, for AtlanticCruisingclub.com and for my food blog travegans.com. As a result, I am a member of ASJA – American Society of Journalists and Authors and SATW – Society of American Travel Writers. Also, as an independent producer, I executive produced and produced documentaries on social justice, the environment and technology in education, including the award-winning “Children of War”, “Students at Work” and “Earth Friends.” My portfolio also contains technical, corporate and educational videos produced for companies like Ricoh and Canon.

My Other Life:

I am also passionate about food and its relationship to health, the environment, animal husbandry, politics, sustainability, farming, and, most of all, deliciousness (see Travegans.com). This passion has led to forty years of research, education, cooking, and eating.  About a decade ago, our long-time whole-grain, sugar-free, red-meat-free diet (now called flexitarian) morphed into a whole foods, plant-based diet. We continue to read, research, and re-evaluate – always open to new information and revised perspectives.

Healthy living, food, nutrition and integrative medicine have been a major focus of my education, project development and personal journey. I am a passionate cook with a large culinary library as well as a cruising sailor with a well-supplied galley. Wherever we travel – on land or on sea – it’s very often about food. Throughout it all, we cruised and I cooked – for our family, for our crews, for my teachers, for our friends….