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Archaea Microbes – the Best Way to Eliminate Oil in the Bilge

There are several approaches to eliminating oil discharges in bilge. OilSorbers and similar products have been on the market for a while and are effective – but the problem is what do you do with the oil soaked result. There is still a serious disposal issue.

Clean Water Solutions’s Oil Eradicator line of oil eating microbes uses a bio-remediation technology to not only absorb all of the oil in the bilge – BUT turn it into safe carbon dioxide, water and fatty acids, that fish love. Clean water has completely eliminated the disposal issue.

CWS has a series of products – in all shapes and sizes – sardines, whale, barracuda – that are basically sized for the job (and priced accordingly). Plus there’s a powder that can be sprinkled on surfaces or dropped into containeres. These naturally cultured Archaea microbes digest as much as 32 times their own weight in hydrocarbons — such as MTBE, oil, gasoline, diesel, nitrates, kerosene, marine deposits, animal feces, fish blood, and even odors — until they are gone. This product solves a very serious problem in the most positive way possible – it belongs on every boat.

To learn more, here is a link to their site: