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Good Water – Getting the Best Water from Your Water Tanks

Most of us tend to eschew “boat water” in favor of those cumbersome gallon jugs of “spring” water. But, if we could develop “boat water” that is fresh, clean and palatable, we just might be able to eliminate those jugs and their companion cases of individual bottles– and all that plastic. In our experience, these four steps will create tank water that will be as good as what is in most of those jugs.

1. Keep the water tank clean. Flush it periodically with a non-toxic antibacterial, anti-fungal product (i.e. Puriclean) and add a non-toxic, biodegradable conditioner and purifier to each tank (Aqua-Clean). Consider adding a very small amount of lemon juice into the water tanks with each fill-up as well.

2. Put an outboard filtration on the water hose that manages the water going into your tanks. These can be purchased from chandlers (labeled “marine”) or put together easily and less expensively at Home Depot. Change the filters several times a season.

3. Put an inboard filtration system under the sink. These are relatively easy retrofits and have replaceable filters that can be changed easily and often.

4. Keep Brita pitchers of filtered water in the refrigerator or the cockpit cooler. Your “boat water” is now triple filtered and will usually pass the most discerning smell and taste test.

5. But if that isn’t enough, give everyone onboard a New Wave Enviro refillable water bottle with a built-in, replaceable filter. (And, when you’re ready to toss it, the bottle’s plastic is actually a corn-based polyactides that biodegrades in less than 80 days.)