Monthly Archives: January 2009

The Healthy Boat™ — Best practices that protect our bodies and our waters.

Boating Green:  How to Live Lightly on the Water is the sub-title of a book that I am currently writing and researching. This blog will contain the content of the book as it is researched, written, revised and rewritten and revised again.  I invite your participation – your criticisms, ideas, improvements and support.

As sailors, we have already embraced one of the most environmentally friendly technologies for getting from one place to another – wind power. Whether we were attracted to sailing because of a predisposition to ecologically sound practices or whether sailing was instrumental in developing that sensitivity, most of us do have an intrinsic respect for the waters that we play in and a passion for preserving and protecting it. That perspective informs our decisions and choices and, as boaters and “water people,” we are often the first to see the repercussions of bad choices.

It’s that time of year when the waterways once again blossom with thousands of sail and power boats which makes this a good time to reflect on just how “green” our boat and boater practices are. Every little bit counts, and how we live on the boat and what we require of those who help us maintain her can impact the future of the water we play in, the environment that surrounds it, and our own enjoyment.